Artist NameDUSnDUS
Genres Deephouse, Minimal, Techhouse, Techno.
Year activate2005 - present

DUSnDUS Biography:

Mikhail Kobzar aka (DUSnDUS, Plastic Sound) was born on February 21, 1986 in Noginsk, Moscow oblast, Russia.

Mikhail is a talented progressive music maker and producer who makes his way straight ahead regardless of any obstacles or stereotypes.

In August 2006 «Plastic Sound» signed a contract with two European labels — «Wasabi recordings» (Germany) and «EmotiveSounds» (Italy).

The first vinyl record of the Tyumen project «Plastic Sound — Short Circuit EP» was released on October 13, 2006 on «Wasabi recordings».

The music from the record was praised on “Love Parade 2006” taking No.1 on the chart.

In 2007 Mikhail started cooperating with leading Russian promo group Garage Sound System, and immediately became a frequent guest at clubs all over Russia.

The more “Plastic Sound” spent time in the studio, writing tracks and remixes, the more he grew in popularity not only in Tyumen, but also outside its boundaries.

Spring 2008 marked for the project the release of the first CD-album «Plastic Sound — First Action».

In summer of the same year Mikhail signed a contract with the famous German company «Gastspiel».

In November 2008 the second album was released under the name «Baptazia».

At that time Mikhail worked with such labels as: Frucht, Krad, minim.all, Gastspiel, Elektrotribe, Musickollektiv, Wasabi, Krad, Kung Fu Dub, WR Germany, Doppelgaenger,

Tongut, Frequenza, Obo & Hobos…

In early 2011, Mikhail opened his own label — «minim.all». ( two years, the label is well evolving and in 2013,

Michael decided to open a sub label of minim.all — «Kunststoff Fernseher»

In 2013 starts a new project «DUSnDUS» which includes wife Michael (Nastia Kobzar).

in 2012, one of the permanent the participants of the festival — «МЕХАНИКА»

For the last three years, «Plastic Sound» mixes, as well as his tracks can be heard in the grand “Kazantip” music festival.