Artist NameDJ.FISH
GenresTechno, Tech-house

DJ.FISH Biography:

DJ Fish can rightly be considered a veteran of the Russian dance scene. He started in the days of Komsomol discos when arranged together with the Boris The Spyder, discos in suburban Lyubertsy, then played in all important Moscow clubs’ 90s, during which time he was in the shadows, preferring to play his favorite techno, part of which he He has always been one of the main experts in our country.

He plays for twenty years, and knows perfectly how to manage the people on the dancefloor. Probably, it went further with disco. Jump existing at the beginning of the ’90s and served for a time this source of manpower of the Russian dance scene. Then there were “Wizard” and “Ptyuch” and “Aerodance”, and numerous raves, like first “Orbit” and the memorable rave “Star Trek”, brought together a huge number of dancers.

Fish never betrayed his taste. He has always done so, to people who perhaps never heard it, never heard of techno, like to dance, wanted to scream with delight and would like to move the body. Together with Dr.Spy.Der, he participated in the project The Conservators, writing hypnotic techno music with magic vibrations, worked as a solo artist, under a lot of nicknames, and some records even came out in Germany in the Solaris Records label.

His musical career did not leave him, and he continues to record music under the pseudonym MosFamous, and his last album received very favorable reviews in the German music press.

We can say with certainty that he is a star, a piece of history, a legendary figure, and the identity of original and interesting. From 2006 to the present time is a resident of one of the best Moscow clubs – “Krysha Mira”.

Conservators12 “” Hot Flys / Drum 22 “Solaris Station, 1997
“Moskvatek EP” Solaris records, 2000
“Still Analog EP” Solaris records, 2001
Introtom12 “” Vademecum “Solaris Records,
2000Remiksy: Mumiy Troll “funneling” unreleased
Step2sun “Nice V.Nice” Solaris Records, 2000

Tracks on Compilations:
Boogie Sense Controller “Happy New Year” ( “Funny House vol.1”)
Conservators “lunar eclipse” ( “World”)
Conservators “Runa” ( “Garage FM”)