[OBO02] In’R’Voice — Steezy 

In’R’Voice Steezy is an original pioneer of Russian EDM scene, bringing his unique music ideas to the worldwide audience since 1992. In’R’Voice’s deep grooving beats are marching their way in a very monotonous style leaving you with only option of losing it on the dance floor and hoping for the dj to play it twice. Denny De Kay, the artist behind the In’R’Voice project, brings a sublime groove to our collection with the eclectic underground dance floor sound. Trippy, but in the same time serious, “Steezy” creates a distinct mood with its rolling bass and right placed hats. With a touch of a hidden melody and a playful percussion, that brings you to the right place in Space.

  1. No Fear (Original Mix)
  2. See You Later Oscillator (Original Mix)
  3. Slightly Noughty (Original Mix)